My Journey to Wellness

The Elimination Diet:  Remove anger,  regret, resentment, guilt, blame,  and worry.   Then,  watch your health, and life,  improve.

Charles F.  Glassman,  M.D.

I really don’t like to write.  But I am feeling that I have to, in order to learn more about myself, and maybe to help others along the way.

This is me, most of my life since I was a teenager, suffering from depression, anxiety, and being overweight, and then later on panic attacks.  There was even a time I thought I suffered from Tourette’s Syndrome because I would get these terrible facial twitches that would actually give me headaches I would twitch so much.   I also made sounds (no swearing though), and was called “grunt” by two boys sitting behind me in one of my high school classes.   I later had myself tested,  and was told I did not suffer  from Tourette’s.   I now believe the twitches are caused by stress from my home life when I was younger.  I also bit my nails down to the quick.  Then around age 20, I started skin picking and body hair pulling on my legs because I felt my legs looked stubbly even right after shaving them.  Then around age 25, I started going to a psychiatrist,  who started me on antidepressants.  For years,  I was on and off antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds.   I would take myself off of them because I hated the side effects.  Also because my father was always on many different meds,  and would go to  more than one doctor and pharmacy, without telling them and getting meds from each one.  And I was afraid I would end up like him addicted to prescription meds.   Now I know you cannot get off my meds I was taking without tapering off them very slowly and with a doctor’s help.

I want to share the negative because I want to share where I came from.

I want to share the positive because I want to share who I want to become and am working on becoming.

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